Davinder Kaur​

Davinder Kaur is a woman who has travelled many different continents, and has lived in four countries.  She was born and raised in England, then lived in Denmark for over a year, travelled throughout Australia for over a year, and has been to 23 countries so far.  She now lives here in the USA in sunny San Diego.

Part of Davinder’s strength comes from her passion for traveling and seeing the world, and somehow just knowing instinctively what is right.  

Davinder is passionate about the rights of young girls.  She wants it to be known that child marriage harms girls rights to health, education, equality and a life free from violence and exploitation.  She also wants it to be known that forced marriage is a very real occurrence all over the world, and it’s a form of human trafficking. Davinder wants to see the marriage age be raised to 18 in California, and all over the USA and throughout the world.  She also wants to see forced marriage criminalized so parents will think twice before they try to force their child into a marriage either here or taking them abroad for the marriage.  

Davinder is also an avid reader, writer, and enjoys cooking and photography.  She is a proud mother of three amazing children who are doing very well in college and school.