Diane E. McDowell

Diane E. McDowell, Ph.D. is currently a retired clinical psychologist that started learning about the Angels and Spiritual/Energy Healing, due to needing healing herself in 2015. By June 2017 she had attended a 3 day course on working with Angels by Charles Virtue and obtained Master Angel Certification. Looking for 1:1 training and teaching, she furthered her training and subsequent certifications with Angel Lady Terrie Marie. She is currently certified to both read and teach Intuitive Angel Card Reading, as well as being certified to teach Angel Dream Team by Angel Lady Terrie Marie. She also holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity. She is an intuitive, an Empath and a Light Worker, who has been very blessed. Diane is the owner of her own business, The Angel’s Corner in Anaheim CA. She has also been hired recently to read and teach Intuitive Angel Card Reading at The Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim CA