Kip Brooks

Kip Brooks is a certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and holds certificates in Leadership Development, Neuroscience, Root Cause Release, and Hypnosis. He is a best selling author, certified international Speaker, and an Empowerment and Breakthrough Coach and co-founder of Brooks Empowerment Academy along with his wife Marina Brooks.
Kip has been featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire and was involved in the movie rendition of Think and Grow Rich, the Legacy. Out of 10,000 possible picks, he was chosen as part of a team of 250 coaches brought in by the President of Paraguay to teach transformational and heartfelt leadership to many leaders throughout the nation in a movement called Transformation Paraguay.

Things weren’t always so great for him though. He had his first thoughts of suicide at eight-years-old. He began drinking regularly and taking prescription antidepressants at age 15. After over a decade of mental and emotional anguish and various drug use and multiple suicide attempts, he finally had enough. He quit cold-turkey and went looking for a better way, refusing to believe that depression was “just who he is.” As his children came into the world, they only fueled his desire for a better life, a better way. Then, after the passing of his daughter in 2010, he refused to live in vain anymore and vowed to leave the world a better place because he was here, not because he left it.
He’s been homeless and heartbroken but instead of being bitter, it’s only made him better.
At 14-years-old, staring down the barrel of a gun he made a promise that if he ever found a way out of the darkness and live in the light then he would spend his life helping others do the same and now, he’s’ doing just that.