Zara Rose

I am Zara Rose

I am here in this World to Inspire Encourage and Empower People with God’s Love.

I am a Woman of God. My claim to Fame is being authentic, vulnerable and sharing God’s love. I care in a World that has forgotten how!

I gave my life to the Lord 19 years ago at a time of hopelessness, fear and depression. I felt like giving up, but I had a son to raise. Where would He be without Me? I separated from His Dad when he was just 2 years old.
Since then, God restored my life. Almighty God has used me to speak Prophetic words of encouragement over hundreds of people. I am also a self-proclaimed Evangelist and lead multitudes in the Prayer of Salvation giving their lives to the Lord Jesus the Christ.

I am a multimedia Artist. I work in clay; making sculptures, mostly of Mothers and children. I make jewelry and paint as well.

I am a people person and connect with people easily. Seeing the Beauty in People is my Passion!

I am friendly outgoing and I effervesce Love and Joy. I have a childlike spirit which keeps me young and enjoying life.

I pray for people wherever I go and no one is a stranger to me.

My vision for the World is to live in Peace with Love. I pray for this daily!
I consider myself a MESSENGER OF GOD’S LOVE MERCY and GRACE.
I am here in this WORLD to leave a legacy of Love and make this World a better place to live.